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Hiring Portable ‘Reefer Containers’ to Meet the Storage Needs of Your Business.

Many industries, from hospitality and retail to aerospace and chemical companies, rely heavily on the availability of portable temperature controlled equipment.

The containers, known to many as reefers is an option that is often considered

AHR can supply ‘Reefers’ although many clients prefer the specially designed portable coldstore.

Our team is always on hand to offer advice tailored to your business needs.

24 hour Breakdown Service

As the leading rental supplier of mobile / portable refrigeration units in the UK, our dedicated and knowledgeable team are committed to supplying high-quality equipment that is specifically suited to the needs of each of our clients on an individual basis.

 We ensure that each storage unit is properly maintained so that it is performing at the top of its game, as the integrity of your products is as important to us as it is to you and your business.

Our affordable rental options mean that whether you are looking for short, medium- or long-term hire, our flexible terms will be just what you need, all being cost-effective and tailorable to your specific needs. We also have efficient delivery to anywhere in the UK, in place, so your business can begin benefiting from your choice of refrigerated storage in no time at all.

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Did you know that the Climate-Controlled Shipping Containers That Transport Our Food Are Called Reefers?

You might also be surprised to know that there are over 6,000 cargo vessels out on the ocean every day of the year, carrying some 20 million shipping containers. Some of these are special temperature-controlled units known in the industry as reefers.

If it was not for these ‘reefers’ it would simply not be possible to ship all the food that is being sent around the world today. In fact up to Seventy percent of what we eat passes through what is known as the global ‘cold chain’. This chain is made up of artificially cooled spaces, which include both static facilities and when in transit the reefer.

Prior to the use of containers, food and other cooled goods on cargo ships were stored together in one single space. As that zone could be kept at just one temperature, it could only carry those products that that temperature suited. Now with the advent of the reefer, a ship can carry cargos that need to be kept at totally different temperatures, each type being kept in its own temperature controlled cocoon.

Today much of the produce that will hit the supermarket shelf will arrive in tip top condition due to the care taken during transportation. Food stuffs, fish and flowers are in fact regularly transported using these precisely controlled reefers

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