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How to not mix your fruit temperatures

A wonderful family business that we’ve had the privilege of working with since we first engaged with them in 2013.

Originally founded in 1998 these guys are the ‘bee’s knees’ when it comes to fruit. Specialising at first in just grapes and a few citrus fruits they have since grown and expanded operations to include a year round supply of berries and other fresh produce sourced on a global platform.

Not so long ago when the UK experienced some excessively warm weather (rare – we know!) our client received a barrage of urgent orders for strawberries from some of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains.

They needed to act fast to ensure they didn’t miss this excellent opportunity!

Up until this mad dash for strawberries the clients existing infrastructure had coped well with normal supplies in normal weather, but because of the increase in ambient temperature, and the increased demand for the product – the ‘holding chiller’ was struggling desperately to maintain the optimum environment.

So they turned to AHR – and of course we supplied the perfect solution. After a brief consultation, we made the required calculations (taking into account all the necessary factors such as - supply and demand, work flow, site location, power consumption etc) and concluded that a particular size Portable ‘Blast Chiller’ should be utilised to bring the ‘hot’ strawberries down to a safe temperature just before being stored in the existing holding chiller.

It worked brilliantly – cooler, better quality strawberries = happy supermarkets = even happier AHR client.

If you’re wondering why we don’t mention our clients by name it’s because we take client confidentiality very seriously. We’re committed to providing the best possible solutions, by working with our clients, ensuring a long term relationship. That’s why we never share our client’s details with anyone.

To us – it’s not just a big white box. To find out how we can help find the perfect solution for you – just call us on 01384 446 000

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