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Innovative Spatial Thinking Provides the Right Solution for Natural Food Colouring Company


Our customer operates as part of a wider Group delivering natural-ingredient based solutions for food, pet food, dietary supplements, aquaculture, and cosmetic markets. With more than 30 years of experience in colour, the organisation has gained a unique expertise in the growth and selection of products from nature and has developed an alternative for food colour made from vegetable extracts and fruit juices. Their products provide the most natural image to finished food products as the colourings are derived from fruits, vegetables and other sources which alleviates consumer concerns regarding synthetic food colours.

The Challenge

As consumers look for simpler, cleaner ingredient statements and want to know and understand the ingredients in the food and beverages they consume, our customer was faced with an ever-increasing demand for their natural food colourings and required additional chilled space on-site to accommodate this upsurge in the marketplace. Having made a number of enquiries to other cold store rental companies - AHR was selected as a preferred supplier to provide a solution.

The Solution

After carrying out a full site survey it became apparent that the facility was extremely tight on space and physically housing a new cold storage unit would prove problematic. Having reviewed all options, the team recommended that the unit be located on the factory’s car park - adjacent to the existing warehouse and fully accessible for the works pallet trucks and forklifts. All necessary groundworks and electrical requirements were undertaken by the specialist team.

The purpose of the unit was to store a variety of one-tonne IBC containers which held the natural liquids. Each container needed to be forklifted into the front of the unit whilst a hand pallet truck would remain in the unit to complete the final positioning. It was essential therefore that the cold store could withstand the robust daily wear and tear of this busy traffic and also afford enough space internally and be externally accessible to the forklifts. A 20ft, 10-pallet capacity portable cold store, with chill to +4°C was installed and fully operational - all within the pre-agreed timescales.

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