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Cold Room Hire Makes Commercial Sense for Businesses

Many businesses are moving towards a more agile business model, where they can scale production up or down according to demand. In such instances, additional cold room storage could well be required and hiring is often the very best option and is a key part of this kind of business strategy.

One example of this could be where a business is moving premises and has yet to complete its cold storage areas, another is where a business is moving into another market place and needs extra cold storage for a short time. Hiring could also make sense for some companies that only require additional storage for a few months a year, purchasing the storage simply not making commercial sense.  Yet another example is that of pharmaceutical companies, as they can hire storage facilities at the points that make most logistical sense, and then reconfigure their logistics if their business model changes.

There are many other examples of the way in which industrial cold storage rental fits in with a businesses need to react rapidly to changes in the business environment and to take advantage of business opportunities, without tying up capital in buying new equipment.

Rent a Cold Room to Manage Demand

Hiring mobile cold rooms is an extremely efficient way to upgrade your production, storage and logistics capability.

Many companies have peaks in demand at different times of the year - for example, some food companies need to store large amounts of stock in the run-up to Christmas because that is when they sell most products. This being the case for any business that has seasonal requirements, those selling summer fruits like strawberries being a good example. However, at other times in the year they may not have the same level of need, and therefore they don't need to invest in permanent cold room facilities.

Industrial Cold Storage

If you need to store products, a portable cold store capable of storing two or three pallets across its width can easily be delivered anywhere in the UK. Please check our site for more details on the exact specification you want in terms of size and configuration and do please contact us if you require further information or for anything that is not considered as a standard requirement.

One area that AHR excels is that of linked or ‘wide span’ cold storage / room complexes, again please do contact us for more information and assistance.

A Flexible Cold Storage Solution

Our cold storage units can be delivered as and when you need them and can provide temperatures as low as -30°C, a truly clean and professional solution to your cold storage problem.

Temperature Monitoring and Control Cold rooms with dual evaporator systems offer much more precise temperature control in each section, and it’s possible to hire these too.

It's important that the controls are easy to use and that temperature displays are simple and easy to read. Look for a cold room that has fully automatic running but gives you an audible warning if, for any reason, the temperature has slipped out of range or power has been lost.

To help you manage the cold store and comply with audit requests our cold stores include a data logger that monitors any and all door-opening activity.

Standard operating temperature parameters are +15 C to -25 C, although -30° C can be achieved if required.

Efficient and Quiet Outdoor Units

Apart from the audible alarms a refrigerated ‘energy efficient’ cold storage unit that has low noise is very important.

With cold storage units, the running costs matter because the unit is running 24/7, so choose one with an economical performance that runs efficiently.

Pallet sizes were mentioned above, and one of the things you should look for in a cold room is the ability to store the maximum amount of volume with the greatest efficiency.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is vital, you must ensure that your cold room / container has an alarm that can be activated if someone is trapped inside. A hygienic flooring material that is also non-slip is a must, as is internal and emergency lighting, this of course having a battery back-up.

PVC Strip Curtains are a Must

PVC strip curtains are a vital part to the upkeep of temperature in cold storage, whether the installation is used for food, pharmaceuticals or abattoirs, PVC strip curtains are an important factor in keeping the temperature correct for cold storage.

The main use of the PVC strip curtains is to maintain the temperature of the freezer, so the products are used as a second entrance which removes the risk of the temperature changing in the cold storage. The hands free access means that carrying things inside the cold storage installation isn’t a hassle and the PVC strip curtains are self-closing, so there’s no worrying about struggling to close doors behind after entering the installation as the PVC strip curtains solve this issue.

The PVC strip curtains ensure that the coldroom runs as cost effectively as possible why waste energy during door openings? Keeping the temperature low, and maintaining product temperature is key to reducing energy bills

Individually Designed Portable Cold Storage Solutions

One of the great advantages of renting a cold room is that it's quickly available wherever and whenever you need it.

Business Advantages of Renting

Rather Than Buying Outright One of the great advantages of this kind of arrangement is that instead of an upfront capital outlay, you are only committed to a rental agreement and are therefore able to enjoy the extra facilities without first coming up with a large cash investment.

Rental terms are usually flexible enough to suit the needs of the business. In addition, along with the rental, you will get maintenance and breakdown cover, in other words the complete package.

Serviced Solutions from The Experts at AHR

You will also need to ensure that the storage (whether cold, chilled or temperature controlled hot boxes) units are fully maintained and serviced.

A vital part of making sure that the technology used keeps working at maximum efficiency, one of the many services that the team at AHR offer.

Cold Stores for Fish, Fruit, Vegetables, Meat and more

But you may also require a cold store that is customised to your exact requirements. You'll need an experienced company that is capable of providing a design, including detailed plans and professional drawings for whatever configuration, capacity and features you need. This could include a combination of multiple, linked (or ‘wide span’) cold store units, or blast freezers / chillers with a cold store or various other options.

When you are procuring a customised cold store, the supplier will need to send a technician to survey the proposed site for the cold store and advise on the best option for your business sectors need. This will ensure that you get the best value from your rental.

Coldstores can be built at loading bay height if required. Portable coldstores can be positioned on a frame to reach dock leveller height.

It's important that the specification is approved as correct. Next, make sure that the supplier is able to turn the job around speedily - taking the agreed specification, building the unit, transporting it to your site and installing, commissioning and testing it within the time frame that you need.

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