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Blast Chillers/Freezers

We have successfully developed and produced a range of portable & blast coolers that not only meet, but also exceed the demands of the industry.

The ability to remove heat quickly in order to achieve maximum product quality and surpass customer expectations is of paramount importance to us.

We have achieved this by using world-class technology that provides greater air-flow/velocity, more refrigeration capacity/duty and conformity to the latest standards of hygiene.

The capacities range from 120Kw down to 20Kw and range in size from 8 up to 20 pallets.

Our full range of units are available for hire on either short or long term contracts, please call us today to discuss your particular requirements.

Features include

  • Simple, user-friendly controls with clear digital display
  • Low noise output and minimum running cost of our refrigeration units
  • Fully automatic operations
  • Operational parameter from -5 to -30 degrees C
  • Mains power failure beacon/sounder
  • Hygienic non slip floor
  • Internal & emergency lighting with battery back-up
  • Temperature read out via LED front & Back
  • Person trapped beacon/ sounder
  • Sliding strip curtains included on all entries as standard
  • Temperature out of range beacon/sounder 
  • Unit allows increased product height guidelines that maximises load volumes
  • Twin evaporator system
  • Food-safe surfaces
  • Added energy efficiency
  • Service engineers on call
  • Nationwide availability
  • 24/7 backup support & service
  • Remote digital monitoring

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Choosing the Right Blast Chillers and Freezers For Hire

Blast chillers and Rapid  Freeze units are the ideal solution for quick, freezing or cooling of any product. This specialist refrigeration contained within a portable cold store or container is also known as a shock freezer.

Delivered direct to your site our portable blast chillers and freezers are an ideal solution to add to your production site.

It’s a cost effective answer compared to outsourcing and gives you the capacity and control to meet your customer demands

Your Food Freezing and Storage Needs Totally Covered by AHR

Our new range of blast freezers make use of the latest technology in panel insulation and refrigeration system design. Complete with high-specification features, including LED lighting , man trapped beacon and sounder, temperature alarm and sounder  plus non slip flooring this unit will fit all your needs and give you maximum  performance, cost-efficiency and food safety. All models available for short or long term use.

Choosing the Right Chiller or Freezer for Your Company or Industry 

If you have a need to shock freeze or chill any product then it is very likely we have successfully completed the process before. Our customer base ranges from food innovators creating the best possible menu’s for high class restaurants to Healthcare professionals delivering pharmaceuticals at critical temperature.

Call us to discuss your specific process and we will offer the best solutions possible at the right price.

Think about your product, entry temperature, loading and unloading needs together with the exit temperature and time constraints. We can provide the most economic option available

Refrigerated Solutions From A Specialist Provider

When you rent or hire one of our chillers, they will be serviced regularly by a qualified engineer, ensuring that the necessary maintenance is always carried out.

If you need any help you can call one of our engineers straight away

We can also offer remote digital monitoring in addition so your alerts will come direct to you mobile or computer.

24 hour Breakdown Service

As the leading rental supplier of mobile / portable refrigeration units in the UK, our dedicated and knowledgeable team are committed to supplying high-quality equipment that is specifically suited to the needs of each of our clients on an individual basis. We ensure that each storage unit is properly maintained so that it is performing at the top of its game, as the integrity of your products is as important to us as it is to you and your business.

Each unit comes with a data logger and a sounder that will indicate if the temperature inside has fallen out of your specified range or if the unit is experiencing a power failure. Our affordable rental options mean that whether you are looking for short, medium- or long-term hire, our flexible terms will be just what you need, all being cost-effective and tailorable to your specific needs. We provide an efficient delivery service across the UK , so your business can begin benefiting from your choice of refrigerated storage in no time at all.

Call the professionals on 01384 446000 for more information if needed. You can be sure of a top quality service, whether your storage needs are temporary or long term.

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