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Temperature and Climate Controlled Portable Cold Stores

Our superior range of 10, 14, 20, 22, 31, 34 and 37 pallet incorporating 2 and 3 pallet wide portable cold stores are manufactured by a leading body builder and incorporate a self-contained refrigeration system.

Hire a portable cold store or freeze store

If you are looking for a flexible option because you have reached maximum capacity in your existing cold store then we have the range of temperature controlled storage units to suit your need. Short or long term rental or the option to buy or rent a purpose built cold store 

We also offer cost effective solutions for any need you have for chilled or frozen storage on a temporary basis. Easy option flexible rates to pay every month! We offer a wide range of solutions to resolve your storage needs.

Hot Boxes and Climate Room Rental

If your business needs climate-controlled space we have specialist hot boxes available to rent. Climate room’s also known as heated containers provide an immediate solution to heat or maintain a warm temperature. From our standard 20ft unit up to the 3 pallet wide 40ft unit , hot boxes can be rented on a short or long term basis.  No major investment needed.

Specialist Temperature Controlled Cold Store Rental

In addition to our range of portable coldstores, AHR can  supply reefers, anywhere in the UK.

Easily transported with competitive transport rates, a fast delivery of a container in 20ft or 40ft x 8ft standard shipping container sizes.


Specialists in temperature controlled cold Storage Rentals | AHR offers refrigerated units, containers and cold stores for hire across the UK. Flexible rental arrangements. Long and short term hire. Industry-leading customer service. Competitive rates.

Fast Delivery and Installation

At AHR we have the exact storage type and size that you need to hire, all fitted with the appropriate health and safety features.  To facilitate fast delivery and installation, our vehicle fleet are fitted with cranes, these having lifting capabilities of up to of 10 metric tons. They also have a reach of up to 15 metres, this allowing us to load and unload your consignment even when access is restricted. Some more details of our installation services are shown below

  • Hydrauliska Industri AB Cranes (known as HIAB)
  • A range of specialist lifting equipment to suit any job
  • Trailer escort drivers provided as needed
  • All drivers and operators trained to ALLMI standards
  • Health & Safety training and control measures fully implemented
  • Site surveys arranged prior to installation as needed
  • When needed a site specific lifting plan, method statement and risk assessment provided as needed

Call us today for more information and a quote on 01384 446 000

Flexible National Hire

Cost effective rental solutions available nationwide - exactly when and where
you need them. Long or short term hire from our huge range of
portable cold stores, blast freezers and temperature controlled enviroments.

Custom Built Solutions

From installation of temporary
link-ways for cold store expansion – to
complete design, project management
and construction of permanent
solutions no matter what the size.

Products / Solutions


Ultimately Flexible – Totally Adaptable

Keeping your products at the perfect temperature is what we do. Whether frozen, chilled or warm (for ripening) we’ll work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need – when you need it.


From 10 to 44 pallets

We’ve got a vast selection of two and
three pallet-wide portable cold
stores readily available for delivery
anywhere in the UK.

On-time  -  Guaranteed!

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Portable Cold Storage Units

Need some portable cold storage? Then AHR have the answer. Our high quality portable cold storage units are available in various sizes: -  10, 14, 20, 22, 31, 34 and 37 pallets. These units are manufactured by a leading body builder and incorporate a self-contained refrigeration system, with 3.8m units allowing pallet wide storage or the option to create a picking isle enabling fast and efficient picking.

In all cases they are simple to use. Everything being automatic once the controls are set, and all come with AHR’s 24/7/365 backup and support service.

They can even be linked to your building if necessary, and when you need to store products at different temperatures in the same unit, it can be fitted with a double compartment, each one being set to provide a different environment / temperature.

In some instances our customer require so much storage that it is necessary to provide them with a complex of storage units, all linked together, such systems also being known as ‘wide span’ complexes. Also, when needed, we can arrange for the units to be set at dock level height, thus providing for faster unloading and loading.

The Complete Storage Solution

At AHR we have just the storage type and size that you need, to hire, whether on a flexible, short or long term basis. Please do contact us and we will be happy to prepare a customised quotation, one that will ensure you have the correct equipment with all the facilities you need. From picking isles to linked complexes, units at dock level height, everything you need to make your business run efficiently.

Fast Delivery and Installation

Of course all of our units are fitted with the appropriate health and safety features, fast delivery and installation being all part of the service.

Call us today for more information and a quote on 01384 446 000

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